Amazonia Raw Sugar Crave Release - With the purity and potency of specific traditional anti-parasitic herbs, Raw Sugar Crave Release helps target excessive bad digestive bacteria within the digestive tract. Made with all-natural ingredients and available in a convenient spray bottle, Raw sugar crave release is sure to help with those unwanted cravings.


  • Helps target bad digestive bacteria
  • Convenient spray bottle
  • Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, GMOs & low allergen
  • Alkalising & Vegan, All natural ingredients

Sugar Crave Release

  • Green Black Walnut Hull, Clove Flower, Pumpkin Seed, Gentian Root, Hyssop Leaf, Cumin Seed, Cramp Bark, Peppermint Leaf, Chinese Rhubarb Root, Thyme Leaf, Oregano Leaf, Fennel Seed.

  • Take 10 sprays per day for 30 days on rising or on an empty stomach, together with a full glass of water. Take an additional 5 sprays throughout the day if cravings arise.

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